Document Management System

In enterprises like offices, insurance companies, legal courts, businesses, industries, hospitals etc., there is a lot of work which gets done using papers whether they are hard or soft copy. As a result, it becomes difficult to manage and control the retrieval of these documents at the time when they are required. Documents like proposals, legal agreements and contracts, technical documents and other crucial content form the backbone to successful decision making at any given time. A Document Management System is a software which is used for organizing and storing different kinds of documents. It organizes all business documents by user set functions, categorizes them into folders according to importance and directs them to the required internal department for storage and future retrieval. This technology is used to capture, manage, preserve and retrieve content and documents when needed.

Why Document Management Software

Imagine a 1000 employee strong medium level organization, imagine on an average 5 documents created every day, which makes it 5000 documents every day enterprise wide, 25000 documents in a week, 100000 documents in a month, 12 Lac documents in a year. And where are all these documents stored - on desktops, network drives, shared folders, email's, USB's, hard copies in files and folders.

Just to search a single document in this vast ocean of documents manually would take hours whereas our DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM would find it in seconds.

Reduces operational costs and administration time of handling paper records

Provides easy, secure and instant access to enterprise-wide information

Increases productivity as it eliminates manual search of documents

Leads to efficient workflow and rapid distribution of information

Minimizes risk as it accounts for damaged, lost & out of date documents

Manage your Documents