The Pilot has to Comply with every rule of Flying. Else the consequences are disastrous.

Are you complying with the laws of Corporate Governance?
If not, it can be disastrous for your business!

Let us help you secure your business, make processes more efficient and drive growth.

About Us

Systems Lifecycle began its journey in 2001 and offers a wide range of innovative IT services and solutions in the domain of Corporate Governance, Risk and Compliance Management Systems. We help organizations identify, monitor and manage enterprise wide compliance risks to improve GRC effectiveness and help manage costs. We have immense domain experience and have successfully worked with some of the top companies in India in enhancing their corporate governance practices and structures. Our approach to governance transformation is holistic and is truly focused on providing our clients with the most effective GRC systems customized to their specific needs.

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The recent amendments made in the new Companies Act makes it mandatory for organisations to have an established process of managing statutory compliances and Directors of the organisation have been mandated to declare that they have complied with all statutory requirements under their domain.

Systems Lifecycle's governance, risk and compliance (GRC) products can help companies tackle various complex issues of corporate governance, enterprise risk management, and effective corporate compliance enabling them to focus on their core competencies, through specialized assistance in key areas such as Contract Management, Statutory Compliance Management, Internal Financial Control and Document Management.

Compliance Management System

Our Compliance Management System will provide you with a robust solution to TRACK and MONITOR risks and compliances thereby complying with the Companies Act. Learn More

Contract Management System

Our Contract Management Software can simplify and improve the way you manage contracts, ensuring you never again have to worry about contract tracking. Learn More

Internal Financial Control

Our Internal Financial Control System will help you gain complete CONTROL over your operations, financial and non-financial Reporting and Compliance responsibilities. Learn More

Document Management System

Our Document Management System will help you to Store, Collaborate, Share, Manage and Retrieve any and every business document securely and quickly. Learn More


Systems Lifecycle offers various IT services that solve complex business challenges by reforming technology landscape in sync with business strategies. We achieve this by leveraging robust industry knowledge across different business verticals, functions, and technologies and designing customized software solutions that are congruent with customer needs. Services offered by Systems Lifecycle improve operational efficiency, helps processes gain agility and manage costs across different SBUs. We provide end-to-end offerings for various services including, Responsive Web Design, Mobile Apps, Business Systems and other various Managed Services.

Resposive Web Portals

Our responsive web design services helps businesses in creating responsive websites that provide an optimal viewing and user interaction experience across multiple devices. Learn More

Mobile Apps

Our mobile apps services helps create software applications specially developed for hand-held devices such as personal digital assistants, enterprise digital assistants or mobile phones. Learn More

Business Systems

Our specialized IT systems help you address business and technology challenges by designing and building applications and tools tailored to meet your business requirements. Learn More

Managed Services

We offer a host of IT Managed Services solely focused at enhancing application flexibility, mitigating business risk, minimizing operational disruption, and lowering costs.


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